Turf Management Plans

Superior Turf Management Plan: Starting at $42.00 per month

*Weed Free Lawn Guaranteed*


  • Pre-emergent
  • (2) Fertilization/weed control
  • Spot spray weeds and pull up
  • Summer Fertilizer
  • Post-emergent
  • Ant control (One application to all ant beds per month)
  • Weed control in beds (One application per month)

Basic Turf Management Plan: Starting at $24.50 per month


  • Pre-emergent
  • Fertilization/weed control
  • Summer fertilizer
  • Post emergent

Our Schedule?

  • March: Pre-emergent
    • Applied in mid march
    • Prevents the growth of weeds
  • April/May: Fertilization/Weed Control
    • Applied in mid April to early May
    • Slow release granular fertilizer that prevents nitrogen burn
    • Kills present weeds and adds nitrogen to lawn
    • Spot spray visible weeds to insure a weed free lawn*
    • (Post emergent applied if necessary)
  • June: Fertilization/Weed Control*
    • Applied in Mid June
    • Summer fertilizer or weed control application if needed
  •  July/August: Summer Fertilizer 
    • Applied in Mid July to mid August
    • Slow release granular fertilizer that fertilizes your lawn
    • Proper amount of nitrogen for lawn
  • September/October: Pre-Emergent
    • Applied in mid September to mid October
    • Prevents winter annual weeds
    • Prepares lawn for winter

*Only included in superior turf management plan


Why do you need fertilization and weed control?

  • Protects your investment in your lawn from weeds and diseases
  • Best way to achieve a green, weed free lawn
  • Fairly inexpensive way to improve lawn
  • Doesn’t cost much more than you can do it your self

Why Choose Us?

  • We are experts in turf management
  • We know what your lawn needs and doesn’t need
  • All driveways, sidewalks, etc. are blown off to avoid staining
  • We will be at your property more frequently to detect and treat weeds, fungi, mold, etc before or as soon as they appear
  • We will strive to make your lawn healthy and to give it the best appearance possible

Additional Services:

  • Mole control
    • Prevents and repels all moles from entering your lawn and making trenches
  • Grub control
    • Kills all grubs in lawn in order to prevent disease and moles
  • Insect control
    • Kills and prevents all insects in lawn
  • Fungi control
    • Kills fungi before it spreads and takes over lawn
  • Mold control
    • Kills mold in lawn that can spread and take over lawn