Lawn Maintenance

We offer our customers two options for lawn maintenance. Each option is described in more depth below. Rest assure, no matter which option you choose the quality of work and reliability will remain the same. Our lawn maintenance division pays specific attention to detail and follows systems to ensure a superior cut every visit.

For your convenience, with our high-tech software, we are able to provide an estimate for lawn maintenance through email or over the phone within 24 hours. Be sure to fill out the entire form on our contact page and we will send you an estimate for your yard right away.

First, we offer a year long contract that follows the schedule below. This is easier for monthly budgeting as you pay the same amount each month year round. This is also simpler for add on services such as bush trimming and turf management.

Second, you may choose to pay per service. This option requires the customer to have a credit card on file. Within 48 of the lawn maintenance service the credit card will be charged. We prefer verbal agreements on how often t0 service your lawn (note: we do not do less frequent than every two weeks) for scheduling purposes.

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Year Round Contracts

Weekly Maintenance Plan (Highly Recommended):  Starting at $140.00 per month*

Schedule: Lawn will be cut weekly during the mowing season (Apr-Sept), bi-monthly during fall months (Oct-Dec), and monthly during winter months (Jan-Mar).  Weeds in beds will be sprayed as needed. You may also add bush trimming and turf management to your program.


  • Lawn becomes thicker and roots become stronger
  • Turf management program is more effective
  • Achieve a nice looking lawn
  • Beautiful lawn year round
  • Switch mowing directions (avoids ruts)

Bi-Monthly Maintenance Plan:  Starting at $120.00 per month*

Schedule: Lawn will be cut bi-monthly during the mowing season (Apr-Sept), bi-monthly during fall months (Oct-Dec), and monthly during winter months (Jan-Mar).


  • Switch mowing directions
  • Results in too much growth cut off
  • Made for a person that just wants their yard cut and not worried very much about the appearance of it
  • Note: Bi-monthly is not recommended for a healthy lawn
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Why We’re Different

  • Same day service every week
  • Take our time on yards (not a typical mow, blow, and go)
  • Sharpen mower blades frequently
  • Only use metal blade edger
  • Always close gates
  • Knowledgeable on how to cut and what height to cut every yard
  • Clean up grass in cracks of sidewalks
  • Spray weeds in beds and on pavement as needed

Have more questions?

Contact us by submitting a form or by phone at 803-260-7997.

*prices may vary depending on lawn