Bush/Hedge Trimming

Bush trimming is something that, if not done by a professional, can cause damage. Poor trimming can lead to diseases and burning out bushes. Both of these are devastating to the life of your plants. Don’t spend money on plants and then not invest in maintaining their help. This is like buying a new car and then never changing the oil. We know you wouldn’t do that!


So leave your bush trimming to us with peace of mind and knowing the job will be done correctly the first time.

Why you should choose us for bush trimming…

  • Bushes trimmed the proper way and at the correct time
  • Professionals at shaping all bush types
  • Inspect disease and insects on bushes
  •  Make your property look great with properly manicured bushes
  • All clippings are cleaned up
  • Drive ways, side walks, etc. are all blown off

All bush trimming services require an estimate.

columbia bush trimming
blythewood shrub trimming