Bed Maintenance


Bed maintenance can really improve a landscape.  Weeds in beds look very bad and can ruin the entire appearance of your yard.  There are two ways we get rid of weeds, weed killer and manually de-weeding.  Weed killer will effectively kill all weeds in flower beds within one week guaranteed.  If there are any weeds missed we will come back a week later and spray them.  The next method of getting rid of weeds is by manually de-weeding flower beds.  We will manually pull up all weeds in beds and haul them off.  The most effective way of removing and preventing weeds is to de-weed the flower beds, then spray the entire bed, and finally apply a granular weed prevention chemical.  All of our weed killer/weed prevention chemicals are environment and pet friendly.


Weed Killer-

  • Least expensive way to remove weeds
  • Environmental and pet friendly
  • We do not use round up or alike brands (toxic to environment)



  • Quickest results
  • Removes entire weed and its roots
  • Haul off of weeds is included