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3 Reasons To Mulch Your Lawn


It’s a difficult thing to mulch your lawn. Lawn mulching can be very much easier and faster if you have the proper equipment in place plus the right conditions. For an effective grass cutting, you need to ensure that the blades of your lawn mower are sharp. It’s recommended that you mulch your lawn when it’s dry and not wet. Mulching of lawn when it’s wet causes the clippings to clump up and not spread across your lawn evenly.


There are a lot of reasons why you should get your lawn mulched, however, we will provide you with 3 good reasons why you should have your lawn mulched from time to time.

Reduces the growth of fungal diseases

Those thin layers of grass clippings that are spread all over the lawn during mulching strengthens microbial activity, which reduces the growth of fungal diseases. The strengthening of microbial activity helps the thatch from the lawn to decompose much easier. This leading to a much full, healthier lawn.

Mulching discharges nitrogen and other likely nutrients to your soil

Lawn mulching includes cutting and re-cutting your grass in to tiny bits. The grass decomposes very fast and discharges nutrients back into your soil because it’s 85% water. The nitrogen that’s discharged back from your grass clippings into your land minimizes the need for fertilizing the lawn.

Removes Yard Waste

Since grass clippings spread all over the lawn during mulching, they decompose rapidly. You don’t have to fill up local landfills with clippings because this waste can be eliminated by mulching. Mulching also helps to mulch any leaves on the lawn that will decompose quickly and help with microbial activity as well.

We Mulch Your Lawn

Here at If It Is Landscaping, these are some of the many reasons why we only use mulch mowers on the lawns of our customers. Your lawn will definitely reap the advantages of recycling clippings back in the ground.


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